Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arthwith Latex

I thought I'd share some images of some designs I did for Artwith Latex a few years ago and will probably do some more once I talk to Kurt *wink. The owner/artist that is Artwith Latex (Kurt Molhusen) is a friend of mine from way back in '99 when I moved to Dallas and lived there for a year or two. Super nice guy, super nice wife Melissa, newest daughter Mila, and little actress Shyla who, by the way, made her movie debut as "Darlin' Cleek" in the 2011 film The Woman.
Artwith Latex has been featured in dozens of magazines including Gothic Beauty and can be found at Goth, Fetish, and Horror conventions across the country. All the designs below are available through the Artwith website, , plus hundreds of other designs and types of wearable latex jewelry. Check it out, spend some money on some super cool and unique piece of wearable Art. His work is amazing!

Original sketch found here,

Dragonfly. model: My wife (Her Blog,
Original sketch found here,

Pinstripe. model: Angela Ryan
Original sketch found here,

Swallows. model: unknown*

Original sketch found here,

Dragonfly choker. model: Masuimi Max
Original sketch found here,

Skull, cherry's, and flames. model Angela Ryan

Pinstripe necklace in pinks. model: unknown*
Original sketch found here,

model websites:

*If you know or recognize any "unknown" model please contact me with their names so I can credit them, thank you!