Tuesday, February 14, 2012

13 Horror,Creepy,Gothy Tattoos

On this Valentines Day we celebrate with horror!! Enjoy
Freehand emerging skull.
A little pink poison pirate web heart.
Edward Gorey is one of my favorite artist/writers.
Some Satany Goaty Grotesquery.
It was a privilege to do this shrunken head on an artist that I admire and love both his artwork and tattoos. A very talented guy, Dart Daugherty owner of Darts Aloha Tattoos in Austin TX.
Ah, The Deadly Spawn. If you haven't seen this movie do yourself a favor and check it out. Awesome shlocky low budget B-horror like only the 80's could produce. A cult classic.
Love the Jack-o-lantern!
A Metalocalypse inspired totem.My wife's calve. You can find the preliminary sketches here http://monsterlabcreations.blogspot.com/2010/05/original-severed-rockabilly-zombie-chic.html
One of my favorite zombie tattoos. I had alot of fun working on this one.
An oldy but a goody. The Crypt Keeper.
Some Vincent Locke Cannibal Corpse goodness on my clients neck. Pretty Metal! \../ >< \../
Good old Texas Chainsaw Massacre action. Leatherface doing his thing. I took a little artistic license and added more blood to the blade and his apron. This client came to me with a workable but pretty beat outline of this image. I would have recommended that this image be placed on a part of the body more conducive to the design. As it was, the blade of the chainsaw wraps around his ankle so I had to work with it.


  1. I Dare Creepy Tattos!!
    Monsters and Zombies are ours friends!!lol! ^^